2018 outlook: Leoni’s Business Unit Healthcare ‘goes west’

Cable harness production in Mexico; development in the USA

Friesoythe – Leoni’s Business Unit Healthcare is currently expanding its network in North America and will, in 2018, develop its first cable harnesses for medical devices in the United States and produce them in Mexico. Production is being set up at Leoni’s facility in Apaseo el Grande. The team is to grow together with the local business.

This step into Mexico and the United States is strategically an extremely important one to Business Unit Healthcare. The intention with having production in North America is to be able to serve local customers much more quickly and flexibly, and thereby to gain new customers. The workload on other production facilities in Europe and Asia is simultaneously to be eased. By having its own development office in Detroit, Leoni aims above all to boost its position as a systems supplier among OEMs operating globally. In North America, too, the aim is in the best way to support medical equipment manufacturers as early as the development phase in defining the ideal Leoni wiring. 

Production for Business Unit Healthcare at Leoni’s facility in Apaseo el Grande, in the Mexican state of Guanajuato, is scheduled to start in the spring of 2018. The first stage will involve production mainly of cable systems for imaging devices. That is why more than 80% of the manufacturing technology needed for production has already been set up locally.

Up to now, Leoni has only made wiring systems for the automotive industry at this plant located in central Mexico. While cable harnesses for medical equipment are made in comparatively smaller number, production of a cable system for an x-ray machine or a magnetic resonance scanner normally involves the use of more widely varying production technologies.