A revolution in the battle against cancer

Heidelberg acquires the world's first particle therapy facility

Particle therapy is engendering a revolution in the battle against cancer. In the past, many tumour cells could be treated only with great difficulty, if at all, owing to their location or proximity to organs. This innovative technique now enables such cells to be bombarded extremely precisely with protons and thereby destroyed. In conjunction with the GSI, a centre for heavy-ion research, SIEMENS Medical Solutions has developed the world's first heavy-ion therapy facility, which went into service at the beginning of the year at the Heidelberg university clinic. The associated planning software has been licensed for use in the facility by the DKFZ, the German Cancer Research Center. The technology is now to be made available throughout the world as a standard solution for the benefit of cancer patients.

Utmost precision and absolute reliability are required for transmission of the image data within the powerful facility. The cable sets used for this purpose were supplied by Leoni Special Cables GmbH (LSC), which has been working closely with SIEMENS for many years: in fact, three of SIEMENS' most recent medical technology developments besides the particle therapy facility are equipped with Leoni precision cables.