At Leoni quality is more than a brand

Cables and cable systems for medical devices are subjected to electrical, mechanical, thermal and long-term tests • Applications are simulated

Friesoythe – At Leoni, demands for high quality are reflected in numerous standardised or special tests on cables and cable systems. For instance, all cable harnesses for medical devices that leave our production are first 100% tested. We apply customer-specific testing and measurement methods just as we perform tests in accordance with national and international standards.

There is virtually no other market where high quality standards are as easily checked as they are for medical technology. These standards are carried over to all component suppliers – like Leoni. This is because the wiring of medical devices must function reliably and safely over a period of long time, and it has to conform to countless national and international standards. To live up to its 'LEONI - The Quality Connection' claim and mounting customer requirements, Leoni continuously invests in extensive testing procedures. In addition to standard tests at our production facility in Friesoythe, northern Germany, individual cables and cable systems of our Business Unit Healthcare are tested for their long-term functional integrity at its own testing centre. Customer-specific tests in devices or modules to simulate actual movement sequences are meanwhile gaining in significance.

Mobile applications require mobile tests

Such electrical parameters as high voltage, high and low frequency, shield attenuation as well as fiber optic properties are tested as a matter of standard procedure during and after cable production. In random samples, the mechanical stability of Leoni’s products is tested by subjecting them to heat, cold and ageing. Destructive tests of resistance to tension, tear and crush as well as long-term tests of the plug cycles on cable systems round off the extensive range of tests that Leoni runs as standard procedure.  Leoni works together with numerous independent organisations, such as IEC, EN, VDE, CSA and UL, to adhere to national and international quality standards, Business Unit Healthcare can draw upon more than 700 different UL AWM styles.

Yet the range of standard tests is continually being extended to include new moving long-term tests:  in the Company's own testing centre, customer-specific tests are becoming ever more important alongside various drag-chain, torsion and flex cycle tests. In some cases, the customer provides the testing machines to exactly simulate moving applications on a patient bed, a C-arm or a robot arm. If required, however, Leoni can also develop and install simplified models of the devices to be wired.

Global promise is met

Leoni’s Business Unit Healthcare is successful in transferring its high standard of quality and extensive testing methods to production facilities worldwide.  In addition to quality assurance at its German production facilities, these departments are also continually being expanded to the facilities in China and Stará Turá – and these efforts are bearing fruit: customer satisfaction with Leoni’s business unit was just recently expressed by Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance in China with its ‘Best Quality Supplier 2014’ award.