Leoni commended by Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance (SSMR) for outstanding quality

Best Quality Supplier award presented during the Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance (SSMR) Supplier Day in Shenzhen in November, 2014

The Leoni Business Unit Healthcare was, in November, for the first time commended by SSMR as its Best Quality Supplier 2014. Systems technology from Leoni is fitted in the magnetic resonance Imaging scanners of various Siemens product families.

SSMR's third Supplier Day took place in Shenzhen, China in November. Leoni received the Best Quality Supplier 2014 award from SSMR at the event. Leoni was the only award winner in this category and one of just three award winners from among a group totalling 168 suppliers. The high product quality and reliable quality assurance at Leoni's plant in Changzhou were the decisive factors in being presented the award. Both SSMR's management and its individual staff members are very satisfied with Leoni's performance and commended this by bestowing the award. It is the first Siemens award for our Business Unit Healthcare in China and proof of the good business relationships with Leoni.