Leoni makes customised plug & play systems for endoscopy as helix or hybrid cable solutions

Modular design saves time and money and raises flexibility

Georgensgmünd, 18 December 2018 – Leoni is a technological leader in connectivity solutions for high-end medical endoscopy. The Compamed trade fair in Düsseldorf was the venue for first-time presentation of the modular ‘assembly kit’ with which the solutions provider massively reduces development times and costs. Single components for transferring substances, light, signals or data are combined into customised systems. They can be fixed inside a hybrid cable or drawn into a stainless steel helix. Assembled and sealed with an overmoulding of LSR (liquid silicone rubber), Leoni transforms these components into robust plug & play connections that ensure reliable transmission.

In the case of diagnostic or minimally-invasive endoscopic interventions, these cables come into immediate contact with patients and medical staff. Light and control signals must safely pass through the inside of the body just as insufflation gases or tools to obtain high-resolution images and carry out surgery. Alongside disruption-free image transmission up to 4K, particularly the mobility and hygiene of the connection are key to maximum patient safety and user-friendly handling. This requires powerful fiber bundles, flexible miniature cables, biocompatible materials and a connection that prevents fluid penetration. Leoni incorporates all these elements and technologies in its plug & play solutions for endoscopy. Its product offering specifically tailored to customer requirements furthermore makes it possible to save time and money on developing new systems or variants.

For instance, Leoni offers countless options for combining single elements and integrates these in a helix solution or in a hybrid cable. Both raw cable variants are jacketed with Leoni Si-tec and are designed to a minimal diameter, for extreme flexibility, against repeated disinfection and sterilisation as well as for mechanical durability. Leoni seamlessly integrates ferrules, fanouts or connectors with LSR overmoulds. This produces customised and robust endoscopy system solutions that withstand the demands of clinical practices even after many autoclave cycles.