Two decades of Leoni harnesses for medical equipment from Stará Turá

Assembly location for serial production celebrates its 20th anniversary

Stará Turá – Leoni startet the production of cable harnesses for industrial applications with approx. 150 employees in one plant in Stará Turá in May 2000. After 20 years Leoni Slovakia, spol. s.r.o. (LS) consists of three plants at three locations with a total of more than 700 employees. It is of central importance within the Leoni group as a manufacturer of serial cable harnesses for medical technology.

Numerous cable harnesses for medical devices have been assembled in Stará Turá within the past 20 years. Today they are mainly installed in diagnostic imaging devices around the globe.  

What began in 2000 with a small assembly plant for industrial cable harnesses has developed over the years into the Leoni "parent plant" for the series production of cable harnesses for medical devices in Europe. Through continuous employee qualification and targeted expansion of the machinery and processes, this development has a lasting effect. These workflows have proven their worth in cooperation with other assembly plants, e.g. China and Mexico, too.

Today, in addition to the plant in Stará Turá, LS also includes a second assembly plant in Jaklovce in eastern Slovakia and a cable production plant in the nearby Ilava. In addition to cable harnesses for medical technology, industrial cable harnesses continue to be assembled. The plant in Stará Turá has already been certified to DIN ISO 9001 since 2002, with certification of the plant in Jaklovce following in 2019.

Standardisation, qualification and teamwork

The assembly of diagnostic imaging equipment is more diverse than that of many other machines. Orbital movements of medical technology devices usually have very long ranges, but at the same time are executed much more slowly than in industrial systems, for example. Cable harnesses for medical technology often use many different connection techniques, all of which must function 100%.

For a smooth transition from the development phase to series production for new projects, there is a continuous exchange and transfer of technologies and know-how between Friesoythe and Stará Turá. In addition to crimping, soldering and welding workstations, for example, the same injection molding equipment is available there as in lower saxony, Germany. All employees are continuously trained on new work steps, and the quality of intermediate products is checked in-line. The centrally controlled supply chain management simultaneously ensures the availability of necessary components for new and ongoing series in the Slovakian plants.

Once a cable system newly developed in Friesoythe is ready for series production, production in Slovakia can start almost immediately. Close networking and a direct exchange between the individual departments accompanies the start-up phase in particular and takes place on a daily basis.