Ensuring long-lasting mobility

We are always investing in our device equipment in order to live up to our slogan “LEONI – The Quality Connection” and to cater to the needs of our customers. The long-lasting mobility of our cables and cable systems is tested in various processes in order to prove their long service life.


LEONI checks the quality of the cables in their in-house test centre.

drag chain test centre

Drag chain tests

Our test routes have different travel ranges, accelerations and travel speeds. Each test system can test up to 40 cables over the equivalent of several years. The longest drag chain measures 50 m.

Torsion tests

In different torsion and torsional bending machines, the cables are tested for twisting and traction around their own axes. They are subjected to a torsional movement of up to +/– 120° per meter.

Flexional tests

In test systems with different angles, a test is performed to see whether the cable will withstand frequent directional changes. The rollers used have a diameter of 50 to 150 mm.

Customer-specific functional tests

In customer-specific models of examination tables or devices, the different movements that our cables need to withstand during use are simulated.