Innovative safety cut-out sensor


LEONI PinchGuard® – the first integrated safety cut-out system.

Fiber-optic pinch-guard for automotive and healthcare applications

The LEONI PinchGuard is the first integrated safety cut-out system that reacts to the slightest touch, fully securing motoric moving units or motorised closure systems. The key element is a highly flexible plastic optical fiber whose light conducting capabilities are influenced by touch and thus by changes in the evanescent field.

The innovative sensor from LEONI can be installed with narrow radii in curves and different spatial directions, as well as customer-specific profiles. It can adapt to the individual design concepts for your products.

As an option, the LEONI PinchGuard can be extended by means of no-touch technology, which means that the travel speed is already reduced before the collision or pinching occurs.

How you benefit:

  • The system’s low switching and clamping forces, mean that it will respond to even the gentlest touch
  • Permanent EMC-non-critical monitoring
  • The system can be integrated in your product design thanks to the option of mounting it on a carrier module or directly on the device, as well as a switching angle of almost 180° and extremely small bending radii