Patient monitoring cables

Cables, cable assemblies and systems for patient monitoring

Patient monitoring cables transmit signals from the patient's body to the monitoring instruments by means of electrodes or sensors. In ambulances, helicopters, operating theatres or intensive care stations monitoring systems have to transmit vital parameters reliably and without interruption. They must furthermore be quickly, easily and safely adaptable to different patients and situations.

A hybrid cable that we have developed can handle several monitoring functions at the same time: body temperature, ECG reading, blood pressure and oxygen content of blood (SPO2) are monitored via a robust round cable with a small outer diameter, thus providing a space-saving alternative to conventional cables.

Optional properties:

  • outstanding EMC properties
  • non-crush
  • tension-resistant
  • FDA approved
  • extremely lightweight and space saving
  • low noise and electromagnetically compatible (EMC)
  • low attenuation and constant impedance
  • highly flexible
  • abrasion proof
  • long flex life
  • torsion resistant
  • drag chain compatible
  • UV resistant
  • wipe disinfectable
  • autoclavable
  • skin compatible and biocompatible pursuant to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993 (Medical Grade Material)
  • UL and CSA certified

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