Cable routing – digital and in the device


3D animation: Expertise in design, cable and build-to-print


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Cable system design in the development phase of a medical device

Cable connections, including mountings are integrated, cable lengths are determined and EMC requirements are taken into account when it comes to individual cable routing from LEONI in your prototype phase.

The definition of space-saving, efficient, fast and secure installation increases the safety of your production when mounting the cables, while uniquely identified connectors and fixed cable mounting points reduce the time subsequently required to assemble your devices.

Cable routing in the digital mock-up

Working on the 3D model of your device, which already contains the mechanical and electrical components, our engineers simulate the installation of the device cables on the computer screen and calculate all mobility models. 3D wiring is then rendered in a 2D view in order to produce the template for the production process.

In-device cable routing

Our engineers install the device cables in your prototype, which already contains mechanical and electrical components. The 2D view is produced for the production model on the basis of the cable harness prototype.