Multifunctional hybrid cables

Medical hybrid cables facilitate usability and hygiene and minimise required space

We can supply individual hybrid cables for your specific application that can contain different wires for secure power, signal adapt and light transmission, as well as media tubes.

Optional properties:

  • multifunctional
  • lightweight and compact
  • low noise, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and antimagnetic shielding
  • high-voltage capability
  • high flexibility, resistant to abrasion, flexion and torsion and suitable for use in drag chains
  • resistant to tensile and compression forces
  • resistant to oil and chemicals
  • UV-resistant
  • wipe-clean disinfection
  • autoclavable
  • skin-friendly and biocompatible according to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993
  • UL- and CSA-certified

In order to support you with multifunctional hybrid cables, please contact us