Antimicrobial cables

Antimicrobial cables and systems from LEONI can help to reduce the infection risk.

*The Amistec company and its managing director, Prof. Dr. J. Peter Guggenbichler, owns the technology and is Leoni’s exclusive partner in making these products.

Antimicrobial technology* equips cable surfaces with germ-killing effect

We use a unique, new technology* that reduces the risk of infection in medical environments and achieves a long-term hygiene benefit.

This new technology*, developed on the basis of acids, gives plastic surfaces a bacteria-killing property and can, when used in hospitals and doctors’ surgeries, contribute to raising the standard of hygiene and to minimising the risk of infection.

In principle, any cable and system solution can be antimicrobial-treated regardless of the intended application.

Your benefit:

  • a new, highly effective antimicrobial mechanism for plastic surfaces
  • biocompatible pursuant to DIN EN ISO 10993-5 and 10993-10
  • no deactivation during use due to hand perspiration or proteins
  • reduces the bacterial load also of e.g. MRSA, VRE and ESBL
  • no induction of resistances
  • reduction in adherence, thereby less biofilm formation
  • lasting reduction in bacterial load
  • risk of infection is lowered
  • hygiene is improved
Antimicrobial cables and systems for medical technology

Antimicrobial cables and systems for medical technology

Demanding applications – hygienic solutions


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