ECG/EEG/MEG cables

Especially shielded cables for ECG, EEG & MEG

We provide cables for your specific applications in electrocardiography (ECG), electroencephalography (EEG) and magnetoencephalography (MEG) that are deployed in stationary as well as mobile systems and reliably as well as optimally transmit measurement signals.

Based on our many years of experience and know-how, we set standards in disruption-free data transmission by means of high-performance and anti-magnetic, shielded cables and simultaneously take account of the stringent hygienic requirements for our products to provide maximum patient safety.

Optional properties:

  • extremely lightweight and space saving
  • low noise and electromagnetically compatible (EMC)
  • low attenuation and constant impedance
  • highly flexible
  • abrasion proof
  • long flex life
  • torsion resistant
  • drag chain compatible
  • UV resistant
  • wipe disinfectable
  • autoclavable
  • skin compatible and biocompatible pursuant to USP Class VI and DIN ISO 10993 (Medical Grade Material)
  • UL and CSA certified
  • FDA approved

In order to support you with ECG/EEG/MEG cables, please contact us

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