Leoni again named Supplier of the Year by Siemens Healthcare CP XP

Positive business relationships continue with Leoni’s latest developments for Siemens Cios Alpha

Leoni, the leading provider of cables and cable systems to the automotive sector and other industries, was, after 2011, commended by Siemens Healthcare CP XP as ‘Supplier of the Year’ for outstanding collaboration for the second time already in 2013. Siemens has chosen Leoni’s high-quality systems technology for its new Cios Alpha mobile c-arm as well.

Leoni representatives accepted the award from Siemens CP XP during a ceremony held on the site of Siemens Healthcare in Forchheim.  Jürgen Ruhl, Head of Supply Chain Management at the XP (X-Ray Products) business unit, at the event highlighted the collaboration between the two companies on previous projects. “Leoni and Siemens Healthcare have been working closely together for many years already. In our XP business unit, this collaboration starts as early as when new devices are specified and developed. Once a new device has gone into production and is being shipped, all aspects are regularly as well as frequently discussed and improvements are applied. This is no doubt a key factor in Leoni’s repeated success as Supplier of the Year,” Ruhl said in emphasising Leoni’s performance.

Mobile Cios Alpha c-arm system by Siemens with Leoni products

Not least the development-supporting collaboration through to series production, the high quality of its products and outstanding delivery performance are among the factors that qualified Leoni's Business Unit Healthcare as a system technology supplier for a new Siemens Healthcare device: for the mobile Cios Alpha c-arm Leoni developed and produces the TC cable for the connection between the computer and the device, the internal wiring of the chassis and the externally fitted hybrid c-arm cable. With corresponding shielding, long-term mechanical stability and compact cable routing, Leoni’s developments for Cios Alpha contribute to improved image quality, easy handling and space-saving design.