United Imaging commends Leoni as ‘Quality Improvement Supplier 2014’

Medical device manufacturer provides Leoni with good business development opportunities in China

Changzhou – United Imaging is a Chinese manufacturer of OEM products for computer tomography, magnetic resonance tomography, x-ray, ultrasound and radiation therapy. The company was founded in 2012; it currently has about 1,600 employees and it is forecast to continue to grow strongly in the years ahead.

Leoni’s supplier relationship with United Imaging also started in 2012. From its plant in Changzhou, Leoni currently supplies this Chinese OEM with cable harnesses for various devices.

Leoni was presented with the ‘Quality Improvement Supplier 2014’ award, which appreciates the excellent performance of our local project team, on 1 April 2015 in Changzhou. It is our Business Unit Healthcare’s second award for 2014 in China. In November of last year, Siemens Shenzhen Magnetic Resonance already commended Leoni for outstanding product quality and reliable quality assurance.